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London Ontario's Electrical Experts

Serving London Ontario & Surrounding Areas Since 2007

It's not easy to explain everything that DHT Electrical Inc. stands for, it's more than the Dedication, Honesty and Trust that the letters stand for.

The best way we can summarize is to tell you our Core Values:
Create a positive impact.

We work to solve people's problems. We exist to make our community a better and safer place to live!.

Do the right thing.

Even when no one is looking we are people of unparalleled integrity, fairness, and humility. The right thing often is not the easy thing.

Be committed to learning.

Knowledge is one thing that cannot be taken away. Learn something new every single day.

Lead by action.

"Do not let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to ACTION." - Jim Rohn 

We aim to serve the community by being just more than just a service company. We're fully licensed, insured and safety is a top priority. 

Contact us today to see the DHT difference. 

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