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4 Signs of Potential Problems in Your Electrical System

Electricity is one of the most essential utilities. There are few tasks and activities you can do without electricity, as many tools, implements, appliances, and devices are electrically-powered. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that your electrical system is functional at all times as a matter of necessity, convenience, and safety.

If you’ve noticed that your system has been experiencing issues, you should be concerned. Over 51,000 fires are caused by electrical malfunctions every year. To prevent this danger to your home and family, read on as we talk about some of the red flags to watch out for.

Tripping breakers

A breaker is more than just a glorified power switch; they are in place to prevent damage to your system in the event of a power surge, short circuit, overloading, or other unusual electrical activity. This does that by tripping the power and turning it off.

A breaker tripping every so often is a good sign there’s something wrong in your system. It might also be wear and tear on the device. To identify this problem, try unplugging some of the appliances attached to the breaker. If the tripping problem stops, then the issue is in whatever was plugged into the system.

If it persists despite your attempts to isolate the problem, then it is time to call that electrical service.

Burned or blackened outlets

Burned outlets often occur as a result of incorrectly installed wiring or overloading. As wires wear down over time, they can get loose and start arcing and sparking. These arcs can ignite flammable material, giving those outlets a blackened appearance.

Outlets can also blacken when a particular one is overloaded. If too many power strips, extension cords, and high-demand devices are connected to a single outlet, it might cause overheating in the wires. Eventually, this can melt and start fires, hence the darkened appearance.

Older homes, in particular, experience this problem more than any other. If your home is more than 30 years old, start thinking about having your old wires replaced.

Hot bulbs

Light bulbs will inevitably generate heat, but if you notice that your fixtures are hotter than usual, there is a chance that your bulbs are exceeding their wattage limits. Not only does this ruin the ambient temperature of your home, but it can burn out your bulbs too soon. The heat might also ruin paint or other fixtures near the bulb. It may even start a fire.

Weird sounds from the breaker box

A slight humming sound is typical in most breaker boxes, but the louder it is, the more likely there’s a problem. One cause of loud buzzing noises from your breaker is that it isn’t tripping but sorely needs to. Sizzling and crackling sounds are even worse, as they could mean loose or frayed wiring. All these and more are a recipe for fire and disaster. Though the repairs might seem like a daunting cost, the sum would pale in comparison to a fire.

Final thoughts

Electricity has made so many things convenient that we sometimes forget that electrical systems need regular servicing and maintenance. Problems have to be examined, and parts have to be replaced eventually to minimize the risk of damage and disaster. Your best bet is to hire a local electrician to handle your preventive maintenance—a reputable one at that.

If you’re on the hunt for an electrical service in London, Ontario, call us at DHT Electrical Inc. We offer outstanding residential and commercial services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. After all, it’s not just about keeping your system running, it’s about keeping your family and office safe. We’re ready to serve you.

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