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5 Reasons To Light Up a Home with Gemstone Lights

If you are the kind of homeowner that gets into the festive spirit, you probably like hanging holiday lights around the outside of your home. However, as much fun as that may be, you may also have a hard time going up and down the ladder every time you have to do it. One way that may make you put the ladder away for this task is to have gemstone lights installed.

What are Gemstone Lights?

Gemstone lights are external light fixtures that are installed permanently to surround the corners of a home. They are controllable through a phone application. These architectural lights are a great addition to the house and can even add value to a home.

5 Reasons Why Gemstone Lights Are Worth the Investment

1. Incredible Exterior Feature

Every home in the neighborhood can have a great lawn. They can also have good decorations and fences. Not every home will be able to light up no matter the occasion. While everyone else might be climbing ladders every December and repeating the same process to take off lights in January, you don't have to worry about such things.

Gemstone lights are an incredible feature that can make you stand out from the other houses in the block. It’s convenient and unique, two types of perks that you can gladly get behind.

2. Automated Function

These architectural lights are controlled remotely, which means you can turn them on and off from your phone in addition to manual switches. You can even time them to turn on and off at specific times. These lights can be a lot more energy-efficient since you’ll never forget to turn your lights on or off again.

3. Durable and Long Lasting

These lighting options will last years with their durability. This can save you from having to change lightbulbs on outside fixtures frequently. They don’t break easily, so installation will be less of an ongoing cost in your budget.

4. Captivating Design

Gemstone lights are installed seamlessly on every corner of your exterior at home. They highlight the best parts of your home and are designed discreetly so that turning them on can make an incredible difference.

5. Wide Variety of Options

The app to control the lights is available on iOS and Android. There are plenty of custom options for you to create an ideal theme for your home at any time. You can also choose from pre-made templates for lighting. These options are great for highlighting certain features of your home. Perhaps you have some seasonal flowers in bloom or renovation you’d like featured. Whatever the case may be, the limits are your imagination.


Lighting the front of your home is more than just something you can do during the holidays. There are plenty of occasions when outdoor lighting would bring life to your home. Whether you're welcoming guests for a get-together or just simply want to bring a little joy to the neighborhood during block parties or events, gemstone lights can make your home stand out.

If you want the best gemstone lights, you need to acquire them from the most reliable gemstone lighting dealer in London, Ontario. DHT Electric Inc is an authorized supplier of high-quality gemstone lights and a service provider for residential and commercial electrical needs. Contact us today!

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