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5 Signs You Need to Service Your Office's Electrical System

Given modern society's dependence on technology, it's near impossible to operate without electricity, especially in an office space. An office that goes for a few hours without power will suffer some serious downtime, which can affect revenue and cost some valuable opportunities!

Since your office heavily relies on electricity, it likely uses a high amount to power up the numerous pieces of equipment it contains. To avoid any expensive problems, you’ll need to hire an electrical service every few months to ensure everything is in good working order and avoid potential hazards that can endanger your staff. An electrician can also assess your wiring and suggest ways to improve energy efficiency, helping your business save on your utility bills.

Here are five signs your office’s electrical system needs to be serviced:

1. Flickering Lights

It’s normal for office lights to flicker once in a while, mainly if there’s a power interruption affecting the entire area. However, if your lights are constantly flashing, that indicates a serious problem with your wiring. They also hike up your electricity costs since it requires more power to produce light repeatedly than to keep it on for an uninterrupted period, and it may also give your staff endless headaches.

Flickering lights may occur due to voltage fluctuations, which often happen because of a poor adaptor. There may also be issues with the circuit board or cable connections that lead to frequent flickering. Once this occurs, it’s best to contact an electrical contractor in London, Ontario, to resolve the issue right away.

2. Constant Circuit Trips

Circuit breakers are not supposed to trip frequently. While resetting it often solves the issue, it doesn’t address the root cause, which means it will almost certainly happen again. Usually, this is caused by an overload or a short circuit, which requires electrical repairs to fix. Sometimes, the cause may lie in the motoring wires touching the ground. Regardless, it’s always better to have a seasoned electrician look at your system to identify the problem.

3. Sparks When Plugging or Unplugging

If your outlets frequently spark when you plug or unplug something, that indicates an excessive heat buildup. If it gets too hot, it can melt the insulation, quickly leading to an electrical fire. Sometimes, sparks occur when the outlet has been exposed to water at some point or if there are loosened connections. When this happens, be sure to contact electrical repairs in London, Ontario, to avoid devastating fires in your office.

4. Outlets That Are Too Hot

Overheating electrical outlets are also a cause for concern, particularly if they’re warm without having anything plugged into it. If you experience this, you’ll need to contact an electrician immediately and avoid the outlet in the meantime. An overheating outlet may indicate an older breaker in your system, which the electrician can resolve.

5. Old, Outdated Wiring

Lastly, if your office is located in an older building, you’re probably using electrical wiring from decades ago. This setup can be hazardous, especially since you’re connecting modern, power-hungry appliances to a system made for simpler, less demanding electricity consumption. To avoid this, hire an electrician to evaluate the circuits and check for power hazards or wiring damage. They can replace broken or older circuits and even install a safety switch to reduce electrical risks.


A stable supply of electricity is crucial for every office to operate these days, making it essential to have a professional check on it once in a while. If you experience any of these five signs, you’ll need to service your office’s electrical system by hiring an electrician. They can remove all potential hazards that can compromise your productivity and your staff’s safety.

DHT Electrical Inc. is an electrical contractor in London, Ontario, specializing in residential and light commercial electrical services. Whether you need to install new lighting or upgrade your fixtures, our seasoned electricians can take care of it all. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you!

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