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5 Smart Ways to Lighten Up a Dark Master Bedroom

A dark master bedroom is essential to getting proper sleep. Light exposure before bedtime can mess up with the brain's melatonin (sleeping hormone) release. But what if your bedroom is pitch black even during the day?

When white and other soft tones reflect light, they appear bright and cheery, but there needs to be a sufficient amount of light in the first place. Otherwise, your white walls will take on a shadowy grey tinge, making your room appear dark and lifeless.

We suggest a strongly saturated, mid-tone paint colour. Some excellent colour options include sombre green, blue, grey or even purple if you're daring.

5. Contrast the Beddings and Accessories

If you're not cautious, your furnishings and accessories will be swallowed up by that gloomy bedroom. So, if you've chosen a rich mid-tone or bright colour for the walls, pair it with medium-finish furniture. Then, to complete the brightness factor, choose bedding and furnishings in white or other light colours.

This will help you make the most of your dark bedroom's restricted lighting while still providing enough contrast to make the room attractive.

Final Thoughts

A room with restricted access to light doesn't have to be a bad thing––it keeps you more relaxed in the summer and doesn't wake you up with the blazing sun on those lazy weekend mornings. As long as you follow these techniques to light up your master bedroom, albeit artificially, you can have a cozy room at night and a welcoming space in the day.

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