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6 Common Electrical Problems Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Ever since it was first invented, electricity has become a necessity in everyday life that it’s just impossible to live and function without it. That’s why whenever you have issues with your electrical wiring or system, you must call the experts as soon as you can to avoid being inconvenienced by it. Here are six common electrical problems that every homeowner has to deal with.

Frequent Surges

If your home experiences frequent electrical surges, then it could be caused by several things like summer storms, damaged power lines, or even an issue with the power company's electrical supply. More often than not, surges occur when there's a massive jump in charge inside the power lines. This increases the potential electrical energy, resulting in fluctuations in the current to your outlet.

Ungrounded Connections

These are connections that do not have a grounding system as an added failsafe. If you have an ungrounded outlet, electricity can channel easily into materials, such as fabrics located close to the outlet or even your skin. Grounding provides a pathway for the excessive current to flow in case of a short circuit. Make sure your outlets are grounded by having your local electrician have a look at your system.

Flickering Lights

If you're starting to notice your lights flickering or if one is brighter or dimmer than others, there could be two reasons for that. The first reason could be your lightbulbs consume a different wattage of power, or your main power panel is experiencing some technical problems. For lightbulbs with different wattage, there's no issue but to just change the bulb. If your power panel has problems, then you may need to call for electrical repairs.

Electrical Shocks

Electrical shocks sometimes happen when you turn an appliance on or off. They could be mild or even powerful shocks, depending on the problem. If you frequently experience getting mild shocks from an appliance, that’s an indication that it has an electrical problem or some issue with the wiring.

High Electricity Bills

Now, high electricity bills can be caused by several factors. It could be something that has to do with your electrical system or maybe a faulty appliance that needs to be replaced. Insulation and window placement could also influence your electrical bills as they can impact how cold or warm air from outside circulates in your house. Damaged wiring or a leakage in your electrical systems could also be a problem.

Power Sags or Dips

When electrical appliances are connected to a faulty or a low-quality power grid, sags occur. Voltage sags, also known as a dip, is a short drop in voltage of 10% or more below the nominal mains supply level. When you turn on any device connected to a cheap or faulty power grid, they consume more power than what the device can handle. That's when sags happen.


When it comes to making sure your house is safe from any electrical issues, it pays to know what common problems to watch out for. Don’t let yourself deal with these electrical problems alone as they can be quite dangerous to you and your family. Let the professionals handle all your electrical problems.

Whenever you need some electrical troubleshooting, DHT Electrical Inc. is the one you should call. We specialize in residential and light commercial electrical services. Our licensed electricians are always ready to help you solve your problems. Contact us today to request electrical services in London, Ontario

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