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6 Common Problems in Commercial Electrical Systems

Like any man-made structure, commercial buildings need to have a functioning electrical system to keep everyone inside them safe and comfortable. But due to the complexity of their electrical wiring systems, industrial and commercial buildings tend to face many problems. Here’s what you need to know about the common electrical problems that often occur in most commercial and industrial buildings.

Flickering or Dimming Lights

Whenever you encounter flickering lights, it’s mainly caused by poor connections in the wiring. If you leave this issue for too long, it can permanently damage your electrical systems. It’s to call a professional electrician to inspect the building and find the cause of the dimming or flickering lights.

Power Loss

An unexpected blackout can be a serious problem, especially when working in an office or an industrial plant. Aside from halting your operations, power loss could also lead to accidents or security breaches. In most cases, simply flicking the fuse switch may resolve the issue. However if this method doesn’t work, then it’s better to call building maintenance or a professional electrician.

Heated Switches

If switches and fixtures often get heated in your work area, the simplest thing to do is examine these units and make sure they don’t lead to an electrical failure. Be careful, though. If sparks occur when you plug in a machine or an appliance, it could lead to a fire or melting wires.

Burnt Out Light Bulbs

Lighting fixtures in offices and industrial facilities tend to stay switched on indefinitely. Like any other electrical device, they need some occasional fine-tuning or electrical repair when overused. The same goes for light bulbs. Replacing the light bulbs would be the most obvious solution here. However, if you call an electrician, they can also check for any faulty or loose circuit or socket that you may easily overlook.

Electrical and Grounding Issues

The most common type of grounding problem with electrical wiring is known as “ground loops.” This occurs when electrical systems are connected to the ground wire in multiple ways. Whenever electrical equipment is interconnected, resulting in several different paths leading to the ground wire. It’s important to properly ground your wires if you want to ensure any excess energy is relayed through the ground. Doing this helps to reduce the risk of damaging electrical appliances.

Disorganized Electrical Panels

If your electrical panel is messy and disorganized, that’s never a good thing as it can create a lot of problems. Having an organized electrical panel allows you to cut power easily to specific areas or appliances only. Suppose there’s an electrical fire caused by faulty electrical wiring, and you need to cut power to that section immediately. How can you possibly do that if your electrical panel is a heaping mess of crisscrossed wires?


These common electrical problems should be immediately investigated and addressed if you want to make sure it doesn’t lead to further complications. Electrical issues can easily escalate into something worse, like a fire or even an explosion. Better be on the safe side and call your trusted electrician to fix your electrical issues as soon as possible.

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