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Dealing With Old Wiring and Fire Risks: What You Must Know

Your electrical wiring allows the proper flow of electricity throughout your home. Over time, it can deteriorate, which can lead to an electrical shock or fire. When this happens, your property and valuables can suffer from serious damage or, worse, endanger your loved ones’ lives. To learn more about the dangers of old wiring hazards and how to keep safe from them, feel free to use this article as your guide.

What Are the Risks of Having Old Wiring?

Old electrical wiring can only take in a certain amount of electricity. It means it can easily be overloaded. When the wiring cannot handle incoming current, it can simply shut down or heat up and increase the risk of a fire. Using power cords to meet all your electrical needs is also unsafe and can only be used for short-term situations because they pose a significant safety risk. That’s why an experienced electrical contractor should replace it.

What Types of Electrical Wiring Cause Fire Hazards?

Newly constructed homes or places of businesses are generally safe from a fire hazard caused by old wiring. But if your property is old and you’re unsure about the condition of your electrical wiring, here are some types of wiring that could lead to a serious fire:

  1. Poorly modified wiring

If you live in an old building, there could be faulty wiring or badly executed connections that have been modified over the years by landlords or tenants who were trying to do a quick fix. They may be attempting to cut down their costs, so they opted for a DIY solution even though they had no proper electrical training. Decades of DIY dabbling can cause the electrical health of your property to suffer.

If you notice any burn marks around outlets or flickering, dimming, or buzzing lights, don’t overlook them. Contact an electrical service provider immediately to get your electrical wiring checked.

  1. Knob and tube wiring

A heritage home or older building has its unique charm because of its history, but it may have an old-fashioned electrical system involving knob and tube wiring. This type of wiring has copper conductors that run inside ceilings or walls supported along their length and passed through drilled holes. It is single-insulated, which means it can easily become hazardous or compromised due to fraying over time.

  1. Low amp wiring

As technology quickly advanced over the years, you may find yourself filling your home with more appliances and electrical devices. If your wiring is old, it has a lower amperage than the latest appliances require. It can eventually cause your circuits to overload and lead to a fire. To prevent it and ensure your house meets the latest safety requirements, reach out to an electrical contractor near you and ask your entire property to be rewired.


The electrical safety status of your home or commercial establishment must be taken seriously at all times. Therefore, if you notice any signs of electrical problems, like breakers that keep tripping, a burning smell of a short circuit, or lights blinking, it could be caused by old electrical wiring that can start a fire. Book a comprehensive inspection by electrical contractors like us to ensure the safe condition of your electrical system.

If you need the expertise of highly trained electrical contractors in London, Ontario, contact DHT Electrical Inc. We offer residential and commercial electrical services, including electrical repairs, electrical panel upgrades, and more. Book an appointment today!

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