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Electrical Problems That Can Get In the Way of a Home Sale

Are you putting off repairing or upgrading the electrical system in your home because you’re putting it up for sale anyway? Well, that’s not a very wise decision. It is a bad idea to put a home on the market when it has faulty wiring and electrical systems.

Homes with electrical issues are harder to sell, so if you want to increase your chances of selling your house fast, DHT Electrical Inc., your trusted electrical contractor, shares some of the electrical issues that can get in the way of your home’s sale:

Old Wiring Systems

Wiring systems like knob and tube as well as aluminum wiring are the most common causes of home fires and will indeed send potential homebuyers running the other way. To ensure that the home can handle all the electronic load that all modern homes need to handle. For safety reasons and to reduce the risk of fires, you need to update the wiring systems in the house to modern copper wires and ensure there’s adequate grounding, too.

Outdated Electrical Service

Every home should now be wired to get 200-amps instead of the traditional 60-amps as the latter will not be able to support the number of appliances, fixtures, and other electrical loads.

2-Prong Outlets

2-prong or ungrounded outlets will certainly deter tech-savvy homebuyers because they know that they will need more dependable plugs and wiring. All the outlets of the house should be able to accommodate 3-prong plugs and be properly grounded. You may not care that much about it, but you can bet that buyers with expensive and sensitive gadgets certainly will.

Insufficient Outlets

If you think having one outlet per room is going to cut it, sorry to disappoint, but that’s not going to impress potential homebuyers. The last thing a homebuyer would want is to see that they’re going to need a bunch of extension cords so that they can use their electronics.

Ancient Circuit Breaker Panels

The home wiring should be run through the circuit breaker panel. If the house still has the bulb-style panel, recalled Federal Pacific panels from decades ago, DIY-modified or undersized breaker panels, you can bet that it’s going to be called out when an inspection is performed because it’s going to affect the value, the function, and even the insurability of the home.

Missing GFCIs

Any outlet in areas of the house where water is used, including the kitchen, basement, garage, and bathroom, should be equipped with GFCIs. Nobody wants a home where their family could be put at risk of electric shock because of missing GFCIs. These are devices that monitor the electric current in the house and cut it off in an instant the moment an imbalance is detected.


These are just some of the electrical problems that can get in the way of a home sale that you need to address before putting your home on the market. If you are uncertain whether or not these issues are present, it’s best to hire a reliable electrical contractor who can perform a thorough inspection to detect any potential problems and address them at once. Remember that the electrical system is one of the most critical elements of a home and should therefore be in top form when you put your home up for sale. That’s why you shouldn’t put off any repairs or upgrades necessary.

DHT Electrical Inc. offers reliable electrical repairs in London, Ontario, as well as other services like installations and inspections. Contact us today to know more or to get our services!

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