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What to Know Before Getting an Electrical Panel Update

The electrical panel is responsible for distributing electricity throughout the home. Since it is

such an essential component in the electrical system, it must always be functioning properly. If

you’re experiencing electrical shocks or you notice that lights dim when you turn on appliances,

it’s a sign that your system can no longer handle your electrical needs.

The only way to ensure your service panel has the space and capacity to meet your electrical

requirements is to give it an upgrade. But before starting this process, here are some factors to


1. The Ideal Time for an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Electrical panels have a lifespan of 20-30 years. With regular maintenance, they may even last

up to 50 years. However, they have to receive an upgrade if your household’s electrical needs


While electrical panels can last longer with breaker replacements, they can be outdated and

inefficient relative to modern standards. Some even feature unsafe designs no longer eligible for

insurance or supported by the manufacturers. Others may also not have enough capacity to

meet the current electrical load requirements. To figure out if now is the right time to upgrade

your electrical panel, here are some signs to watch out for:

● It is old or obsolete

● It generates excessive heat

● It makes humming or buzzing noises

● It does not have enough open circuits

● It has to be upgraded to operate high-demand appliances

● It has signs of damage, such as scorching, corrosion, and arcing

● It uses fuses

● It lacks the main shut-off breaker

● It has additional sub-panels

2. The Process Involved

If you experience electrical problems and decide to upgrade your electrical panel right away,

reach out to a licensed electrician. The process requires someone equipped with the necessary

knowledge and skills and with years of experience. For this reason, they must be qualified to do

the following:

● Evaluate your electrical needs

● Select the best electrical panel for your electrical requirements

● Install the electrical panel and circuit breakers

● Connect the circuits

● Test the electrical system

The electrician may also have to coordinate with your utility company if you need to upgrade

your electrical service to a higher current rating. This requires installing the appropriate cables

and meter, which can make the process much longer.

3. Current and Future Electrical Needs

Your electrical panel has to meet current requirements and future electrical needs. Consider if

you’re planning to buy more high-demand appliances and discuss it with your electrician. By

reserving space and capacity for these appliances, you may avoid shelling out more money and

save yourself the trouble of having to seek additional electrical services.

Look into adding features that offer enhanced safety and protection against power spikes. Doing

this provides more peace of mind and prevents electrical accidents.


Upgrading your electrical panel takes some time and money, but having complete peace of

mind knowing that you and your family are better protected from electrical hazards makes it

worth every penny. Besides remembering these important points, know your upgrade options

and consider the long-term benefits before the upgrade. The process also requires an advanced

skill set. Make sure to call a professional electrician you can trust.

If you need an electrical panel upgrade, reach out to DHT Electrical Inc. Besides our panel

upgrade services, our licensed electricians also offer electrical repairs and troubleshooting,

lighting installation, and more. Contact us for a free quote!

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