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Why Ceiling Fans Could Actually Be Better for Your House

Not every home has ceiling fans. In this day and age, it’s seen as almost an archaic thing to have because of air conditioners. And yet, ceiling fans are one of the most reliable cooling systems you could use in your house for many reasons.

If you aren’t convinced, learn about the various reasons why they might be better for your house.

They Work for Both Heating and Cooling

Unlike other HVAC systems, a ceiling fan can work for both hotter and colder weather. This is because most modern models have reversible motors. When reversed, the fan blades go counterclockwise instead of clockwise.

How that affects its purpose is by directing the flow of air. It’s default mode works to cool the area and disperse heat. The reverse creates an updraft that causes a heating effect in turn. Fan models that have this feature usually have a switch one can toggle on the motor housing.

They Complement Existing Cooling

Fans don’t necessarily have to replace your heating and cooling, which is actually what makes them perfect. They can work in combination with these systems to perfectly balance indoor temperatures. The added benefit is that you can also install fans in outdoor areas.

Plus, it’s not like when you have both an air conditioner and the furnace on. In that instance, you would be creating a contradictory situation that would just be counterproductive overall. With a fan, you would simply be complementing and even enhancing whichever unit is on.

When used with an air conditioner, the latter comes on less often, so you can comfortably enjoy a slightly higher temperature at a lower cost.

You Can Add Light Fixtures to Them

On top of their main function, ceiling fans can also be rigged up with lighting fixtures. Even older models can have bulbs integrated into them so you can control both the lighting and cooling conditions of your room with a few toggles.

Modern fans have high-efficiency LED lighting integrated into their build. Because of the LEDs, there’s no added heat from having the light on at the same time as the fan. This two-in-one feature also doesn’t come at any additional energy costs because it works the same as any regular ceiling light.

They Cost Less to Run

Aside from all of the conveniences mentioned above, perhaps the most attractive factor for ceiling fans is their cost-effectiveness. They cost less money to run than electric heaters and air conditioners. With the average ceiling fan costing just below one cent per hour, you’d be paying significantly less than the almost one dollar per hour cost of an air conditioning unit.

As if the financial savings aren’t enough, they are also more energy-efficient. This makes it a highly sustainable choice, especially for environmentally conscious consumers.


With the overall savings and improved cooling that come with ceiling fan installation, it’s clear that they can be better for your house. If you’re uncertain if it’ll fit into your home, there are many variations that you can choose from, so you aren’t stuck with one layout. Professional contractors will also be able to look at your wiring and identify the best solution for your house.

Get an expert electrician to get your electrical services in order. DHT Electric Inc. boasts an on-call service for electrical upgrades, maintenance, repairs, and, yes, ceiling fan installation in Ontario. Contact us to get specialists at your door.

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