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Stay Current Plan

See all the benefits of our stay current plan listed below!

10% off all electrical services and products

  • This is unlimited, you will save 10% on all our products and services

Priority service!

  • You go to the front of the line when you get in touch with us

Annual battery replacements and cleaning of your smoke detectors.

  • We will replace the batteries in all your smoke detectors every year and clean it out with compressed air

No cost on member-supplied light bulb changes – so you don’t have to climb a ladder!

  • If you have a light bulb that needs to be changed and you have it on hand while we are there for your inspection and tune-up, we will change it for you. We’ll be happy to climb a ladder, so you don’t have to! (Up to a 10-foot ceiling maximum at no extra charge).

Once a year electrical inspection, tune-up & report.

  • We will come out to the primary location on your membership file once a year and complete the following:

    • 12 point safety inspection

    •  Service the electrical panel

    • Check all wiring connections and replace any connectors or wire nuts that may be a concern

    •  Open and test accessible switches and outlets on the property

Unlimited service locations.

  • One member can have multiple properties if they’re within our service area. Only the primary location gets the annual visit and the other locations benefit from the discounts (100 kms around London Ontario)

Double the warranty on all installations and repairs.

  • We offer a 1-year labour warranty in conjunction with the manufacturer's warranty but members get 2 years.

No consultation fee during normal hours and 50% off during after hours.

  • Consultation fee is waived between standard hours of Monday-Friday 8am-4pm and is 50% of emergency after hours or weekend work.

Exclusive specials, partnerships, events and offers for members only.

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